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HRS Tarp

*** Coming Soon ***

Truck and Trailer Tipper Electric Tarp

One Cable Hooklift Bin Tarping System
Supply and Fit
Manual Pully Price From

Price from $ 3,650 + GST

electric motor n gear box S.jpg

Electric Motor (12v/24v)
with Gear Box


$ 431+GST

motor cover LS.jpg

Electric Motor Cover

$ 54+GST

PS Hardware complete S.jpg

Hardware Complete PS

$ 304+GST

DS hardware complete.jpg

Hardware Complete DS

$ 361+GST

electric motor pulley.jpg

Electric Motor Pulley

$ 57+GST

electric motor mount T.jpg

Electric Motor Mount

$ 142+GST


Rear Bracket Assembly

$ 320+GST

winch cover w e motor mount.jpg

Winch cover with
Electric Motor Mount

$ 228+GST


Nylon L Block

$ 66+GST

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